Safety Through Technology

CAM Systems implements and fully manages electronic monitoring programs taking the burden from courts, probation and pretrial officers, and the sheriff’s office. We support all forms of electronic monitoring programs including house arrest, GPS and alcohol monitoring and have multiple manufacturers in order to answer your specific needs. We take pride in being the most competitive in the industry. Our expertise in managing offender pay programs eliminates all cost to the county or court, allowing us to sustain programs solely from fees collected from the defendant.

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  • Pre-trial Supervision & Assessment (Bond Conditional)
  • Probation Condition
  • Treatment Support (Honesty Factor)
  • First time DUI Offenders (Evaluation Period)
  • Repeat DUI Offenders (Court Sanctioning)
  • Specialty Courts: Drug Court, DUI Court, Family & Domestic Violence
  • Offender Re-Entry Programs
  • Campus Alcohol Programs
  • Early Prison Release / General Alternative to Incarceration
  • Order of Protection Enforcement