About Us

Turn-Key, Offender-Funded Monitoring for the Courts

CAM Systems (headquartered in Chicago, IL) has been a full-service provider of electronic and alternative monitoring solutions for courts in the Midwest states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota since early 2006. Our unique approach to servicing accounts by working continuously at all relevant levels of government, providing regular in-depth educational sessions and quarterly program reviews, offering the latest electronic monitoring equipment of varying types from an array of manufacturers, and fully implementing, supporting, and operating electronic monitoring programs for our agency customers, has set us far apart from any other service provider.

In addition to providing the courts with multiple technology and device options for electronic and alcohol monitoring, we also offer to run the whole program at no cost to the agency. Our extensive experience with fully managing offender-pay driven programs has enabled us to provide the added benefits of a carefully managed monitoring program to our agency customers at no cost, while allowing agency officers to focus on program oversight, rather than day-to-day equipment management, monitoring software work, and troubleshooting.

Because many of our services are free to the counties we work with (due to our unmatched offender-pay and collection program), our success is measured by customer satisfaction and overall success of the managed electronic monitoring programs. As a result, we continuously strive to ensure successful program development and operation. In addition, we place a high priority on a continuous flow of communication between our operational and court services personnel, and the Probation and Pretrial departments, Sheriff’s offices, State’s Attorneys (and ASAs), Judges, and Victim’s Advocates with whom we work.