Alcohol Monitoring

At CAM Systems, we maintain a unique position in the alcohol monitoring field. Leveraging our well-established relationships with multiple device and technology manufacturers, we have the ability to utilize two different types of alcohol monitoring technologies: The SOBERLINK unit is the first handheld breath analyzer that remotely monitors a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC), while the SCRAM device is worn on the ankle and takes a trans-dermal alcohol content reading every 30 minutes, every day. Both devices are effective, and both are FULLY managed by CAM Systems and our team of field service officers (who manage the equipment, installs, removals, and troubleshooting) and our court service personnel (who manage violation and program reporting, sanctioning, software and schedule set-up, and program implementation and on-going development).

The Impact of Alcohol Consumption in America

Recommended Alcohol Monitoring Candidates

  • Driving with a BAC of > or = 0.16 (equivalent to having 9 drinks in 1 hour for a 180 lb. person)
  • Multiple DUIs
  • Offenders where alcohol is a contributing factor
  • Domestic Relations to facilitate child visitation or custody

DUI Facts


The SCRAM bracelet is a continuous alcohol monitoring device worn on the ankle. SCRAM stands for Secure, Continuous, Remote, Alcohol Monitoring. The SCRAM bracelet takes a trans-dermal alcohol concentration (TAC) reading every 30 minutes of every day and uploads data daily to our servers via a home phone line. A TAC reading correlates closely (95%) with a BAC reading. The TAC data has been ruled admissible in evidentiary hearings and court cases across the country (65 evidentiary hearings in 19 states), including a 2007 Jackson County, IL Frye hearing.



Benefits for Defense Attorneys