BAIID Information

How does the device work?

The device is the newest and most user-friendly interlock unit on the market. It is compact, easy-to-use and utilizes clear voice prompts that guide you through any process. For data downloads, you do not need to go to an auto shop. Instead, we send replacement handsets directly to YOU for added convenience.
Click to view a BAIID user interface video:

Standard Fees

CAM Systems never charges any hidden, download or recalibration fees. All client information is entirely confidential and used only for purposes directly related to BAIID monitoring.

Standard Monitoring Fees:
Restricted Driving Permit (RDP, Restricted Driving Permit – GREEN PERMIT)
Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP, Monitoring Device Driving Permit – YELLOW PERMIT)

Payments are charged every month to a credit card or debit card only.
*Personal checks and money orders are not acceptable forms of payment.*


We have more than 85 installers throughout Illinois. Certain vehicles require an upcharge due to more complex cars requiring additional install time. Most vehicles with push button starters or proximity keys cannot have BAIID systems installed on them (please inquire).

Typical one-time installation and removal fees are:

  • Installation Charge: To be determined (some vehicles may have additional charges depending on vehicle make and model – once we know what type of vehicle you have we can provide you with an exact install charge)
  • Removal Charge: 1/2 installation cost (for removal of the unit after the program has expired)

Please send a copy of Permit via EMAIL or fax (312-251-7006)

Additional Information

Downloads are as simple as switching out the handset in your car - and as easy as plugging and unplugging your cell phone from a charger. There isn't an additional charge for the replacement handsets (75$ early lock out and/or damaged); replacements are shipped directly to you via UPS on the following business day, and CAM Systems pays for ALL shipping charges.