Service Levels

At CAM Systems, we understand that not every government agency operates the same way, with the same resources.  That is why we offer a completely customizable monitoring solution, including the amount of service required by any given agency.  We have some customers who do not have the resources, the time, or the money, to commit to running an electronic monitoring program themselves (doing all the hook-ups, set-ups, bracelet removals, software input, zone creations and scheduling, troubleshooting, and overall day-to-day management and reporting).  This is where we step in with our FULL SERVICE offering... where we take on all of that work. 

On the other hand, we have customers who have developed their own electronic monitoring operation over the years, and need us to take a back seat or have minimal involvement, from a service and day-to-day management perspective.  In these cases, we offer our BASIC or ENHANCED SERVICE options.

When money is tight or the budget just isn’t there to allow for the type or amount of electronic monitoring that an agency would like, we offer our experience in FULL SERVICE OFFENDER PAY program management.  All service option descriptions are listed below:

1) Basic Service

We provide equipment and 24/7 monitoring only (agency is responsible for all hook-ups and removals, inventory management, all software input, zone creation and scheduling, and equipment troubleshooting)

2) Enhanced Service

We provide equipment, 24/7 monitoring, and all software input, zone creation and scheduling (agency responsible for hook-ups, removals, troubleshooting, and inventory management)

3) Full Service

We provide equipment, 24/7 monitoring, all software work, plus all hook-ups/bracelet removals, equipment troubleshooting, and inventory management

4) Full Service Offender Pay

Equipment, 24/7 monitoring, all software work, all hook-ups/bracelet removals and equipment troubleshooting, plus NO COST to the county because CAM Systems will collect fees directly from the offenders for the program